Street Performers

A lot of people find it ridiculous that street performers ask you to pay them when you take their pictures or video. 

They are right to ask to be paid.  They are not fixtures placed in the square or throughout the town by the government for the amusement of tourists or to display local and traditional cultures.

They are showcasing a talent or skill for your amusement and no show is viewed without purchasing tickets first.  So in this case, if you are going to watch, take pictures or record them, it is only right that you pay them first.

To make it easier on you, it is best to approach them and tell them how much you want to pay them and for what.  For example, “I’ll pay you 10 dirhams for a few photos”.  If they say “ok”, then tell them “That’s it”.  They will try to get you to pay more after.   If they do, say “sorry, we agreed”, and walk away.

Don’t be unfair and take their picture or video without wanting to pay.  I kind of view that as stealing.  These people are performing for a living and they could really use the few dirhams you pay them. 

A simple picture or two will cost you just about 10 dirhams.  Again, make sure you agree before taking the picture.  If you take more photos and videos than agreed upon, they will ask you to pay more, and they will quote any amount they want.

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