Argan Oil Products
(she's pressing fresh argan oil)
Beware most of the argan oil sold outside of co-operative's are mainly olive oil with argan oil mixed in

There are a lot of Argan Oil Co-operative's on the way to Essaouira.  The one on the way to High Atlas mountains are double priced.

Hand Carvings


Leather Goods
(anywhere from 100dh-1000+dh for bigger pieces)


(priced based on weight and detail.  can be 200-1000+dh)

(can be anywhere from 100dh-300dh depending on detail and material)
Beware some are not stitched that well.  They will tell you it's hand stitched at times when it machine made.  Also they may tell you it's silk when it's satin.

Bad stitching that quickly unraveled:

(depending on size and metal vs. steel, 100dh-1000+)

(When you buy these, smell them. Make sure they don't smell bad.  We bought a few, but one smells like urine and even though we leave it outside to air out, it still smells)

(clay cooking pots)
(from 50dh-300dh depending on size and detail. I bought a medium size coloured tagine for 60dh)


Souvenirs I Bought
60dh a piece. Medium sized.
(Check closely for cracks and chips)


290dh due to detail and size. Had the coloured glass removed.

Berber style jewelry dish

Mini teapot, serving tray and two glasses. 200dh

12" clay decorated plate. 100dh

Bench with leather seat. 100dh, and the 22euros I had in my pocket

Mini leather pillows. 60 dh each

30dh bowl. 80dh orange plate. 50dh purple serving dish

Custom made verse from the Quran carved into cedar wood. 700dh

Argan oil products
Argan oil on the right, 100% pure from co-operatif: 200dh
Argan oil diluted with olive oil from the souk: 50dh
I can't remember the price of the black soap, clay, soap, orange blossom scented oil or moisturizing gel etc.

A packet of mixed incense. 50dh
Rabat shop keeper recommendation: I was able to negotiate an excellent price for a tea set and wood carving at Number 105 Souk Sebbat.  The shop is called Bazar Imoukh owned by Abdellah and Lahcen. (Cell: 06 67 14 83 71). The shopkeepers are kind, sincere and friendly and willing to make a good deal.  I dealt with a younger guy in his 20s.  Please give them a visit and tell them you heard about them off of a website by a girl who promised to advertise them.

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