Moroccan Phrases

Here are some phrases you will want to learn for your trip to Morocco. In the market place, the basics of English can usually be spoken by most sellers anyways.

Arabic dialect varies from region to region.  This is Moroccan dialect:


Salaam - Hello
Keedeyr/Keedeyra – How are you?
Labas or bi-khair – Fine. Good.
Labas, alaik? – Good, you?
Keef ghad al-khidma – How is work?

Sbah al-khair – Good morning
Mus al-khair – Good afternoon

Shno smeetik – What’s your name?
Met sharrfeen – Nice to meet you|

Smehliya – Sorry (or ‘excuse me’ to get attention)
Maf hemtsh – I don’t understand
Injlezia? – English?

Sh’hal hada – How much is this?

To lower the price, say one of the following
Ma’ajbaneesh – I don’t like it (don't let them know you really want it)
Kteer – Too much
Wakha – Oh ok!!! (you can say this and walk away)
Maleesh – It’s okay. (to show disinterest)
Min baad - Later (pretend to show disinterest by saying you'll come back later.. someone who is disinterested would say they'll come back later even though they won't)
Ghedda - Tomorrow (same as previous)

If they have to pull down an item from hooks for you:

Teht – Below
Fooq – On top
Ba’d – After
Qbel – Before
Hada – This
Hadak – That

Feen – Where?
Lesh – Why?
Bag - Sack

When buying snacks or food or trinkets:
Gheer shweeya –Just a little
wahed - 1
jooj - 2
talata - 3
Reb’a - 4
Khemsa - 5
Kehl – Black
Byed – White

Eating out:
Makla –Food
Bgheet – I like/I want
Jash (djaj) – chicken
Forsheta – Fork
Moos – spoon
Atay – tea
Maa – water

Al-matar – The airport

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  1. Thanks! Do you know of anywhere that pronounces these?