Morocco During Ramadan

In the souk, a man breaks his fast with his dinner

I was in Morocco during the last two weeks of Ramadan.  Specifically I was in Rabat and Marrakech.

So those of you planning to travel to Morocco during Ramadan want to know if there will be a difference.  Yes there are differences.

More shops are closed.  There are less performers out and about.  And there are definitely a lot of closed restaurants.  In Rabat, around the medina, there were only two or three restaurants open and they had very limited menus.  Even after the sun sets, many restaurants are not open until hours later. The benefit is that there are less crowds, so the squares, restaurants and markets are not packed. 

Additionally, as a woman, I did not have men hitting on me, staring at me or touching me.  After Ramadan, I did experience a little bit of this and that.

I personally think it would have been better to travel outside Ramadan. I would have liked to see the potential of the crowds, restaurants and performers in Morocco.

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